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After a detailed eye examination our specialist will carry out specific tests to determine if visual stress is the issue. To see whether colour may help you manage visual stress, we need to carry out an assessment.

Visual stress is a condition that affects the way we process visual material. The most common problems occur when reading; this includes experiencing distortions in the text, discomfort and fatigue.


The condition makes reading more difficult, which may hinder education and cause other symptoms like headaches. Many people dealing with visual stress have found that colour helps reduce their symptoms and makes reading a less difficult experience.


It is thought that colour reduces visual stress by making it easier for the eye to process certain visual information, like the high-contrast black and white on a page of text. People have reported different experiences with colour but many are finding that their symptoms are greatly reduced and they can enjoy reading in a way they couldn’t before.


We are excited to offer different colour-based options for managing visual stress that could make a huge difference to your reading experience.

close up of student with dyslexia using colored overlay
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To see whether colour may help you manage visual stress, we need to carry out an assessment. A simple test using coloured overlays and a reading exercise helps us to see if colour could help you and if so which colour is the most effective.


We will also carry out other eye tests to see if your symptoms are not attributed to vision loss or any other problem with your eyes. If we find that colour might help you, we’ll offer you a recommendation about the best way to manage your visual stress.


One of the ways to manage visual stress is through precision-tinted lenses. These coloured lenses are fitted to glasses, so you can enjoy the benefits of colour anywhere with any kind of text.


The quality lenses are fitted with the best colour for managing your symptoms and come in various styles to suit your specific needs.

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