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Young boy having eye exam

Children’s eye care is vitally important to their development and well-being. With our optometrists trained as paediatric specialists, you can be sure your child will get access to the best eye care available. With thorough eye exams using the latest equipment and an amazing range of products for vision correction and care, we do our best to safeguard our young patients’ most precious sense.


Our practice is a friendly and interesting place for children of all ages.

The most important part of caring for children’s eyes is regular examinations. Looking out for vision problems and eye diseases is not only crucial for their comfort, well-being and development but is an essential health check. Through the NHS eye examinations are free for children and adults, so having their eyes tested is as simple as booking an appointment.


We also know that eye exams can be nerve-racking for kids, so we do our best to make our practice a friendly and interesting place for children of all ages. Our team have lots of experience with children, both in the special requirements of their eye health and in making them feel comfortable and relaxed.

Little girl wearing new glasses
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As well as having special eye care needs, children want something different from their eyewear as well. We are proud of our unique range of children’s glasses with different designs and looks for all age groups. All of our frames are durable and flexible to withstand the most adventurous children. We are also qualified to dispense eyewear for children of all ages including babies, so we can offer expert advice and help to support your decision.

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