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Women Smiling Wearing Contact Lenses

Finding the perfect pair of contact lenses can be life-changing. We want all our clients to enjoy the ideal contact lens experience, giving you comfort, ease and clear vision.


Our friendly and experienced team will give you personalised help and advice so you can get the most out of your lenses.


Our personalised service means our optometrist will pay close attention to your individual requirements as well as your vision and eye health.  During your initial assessment, they’ll take the time to listen to your requirements and talk with you about which contact lens plan will be best for you to maintain your eye health and ensure your contact lenses continue to match your needs.

Young Women Wearing Daily Disposable Contact Lenses
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We offer a range of daily-disposable and longer-use contact lenses so you can find the right ones for you.


A selection of speciality lenses is also available to take care of people with different eye types and conditions. This includes toric lenses for astigmatism and multifocal lenses.


Whatever your vision requirements and personal preferences, we’ll help you find the right lenses for you.


To maintain your eye health and ensure your contact lenses stay in good shape it’s important to have aftercare appointments. While contact lens use is simpler and more effective than ever, problems sometimes arise.


Aftercare appointments provide the opportunity to deal with any complications with your lenses and provide a general check-up on your eyes. This way you get peace of mind and can enjoy your contact lenses comfortably and safely.

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