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Tom Ford Eyewear

Our eyewear reflects our commitment to quality and style. The thoughtfully curated collection is designed to encompass every look and purpose with fashionable and understated frames paired with our exceptional lenses.


Our team are knowledgeable about eyewear styling and ready to offer help when you need it.


The right eyewear can complete a look, express your unique style and change the way you see the world, but sometimes making the right choice requires a little expert help.


Our team love helping people find their new favourite glasses. They consider every factor in making recommendations and will give you all the time and space you need to make your decision.

Our eyewear collection includes many well-loved brand names and some quirky eyewear designers that you will love for their style and quality. 

Women Wearing Cocoa Mint sunglasses
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From our range, you can also pick out frames to be fitted as prescription sunglasses so you can enjoy the summer in style. We use top-quality lenses in different styles allowing you to look great while protecting your eyes from the sun. The sunglasses are fitted to your precise prescription so you also don’t have to sacrifice your eyesight and can enjoy any outdoor activity.


We understand that you want your frames to last, so as well as offering durable and flexible designs, we provide a frame repair service. If anything happens to your glasses, all you need to do is get in touch and in most cases, we can repair them so they’re as good as new.

Man and Women Wearing Spectacles
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Top-notch spectacle lenses provide you with clear, undistorted vision and complement your frames. We have a wide range of options with different aesthetics, coatings and thicknesses to suit your specific needs, so you can be sure your lenses will be the perfect companion to your quality frames.

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