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At our practice, we understand that everyone has different eye care needs.


With our advanced eye examinations, we can get a complete look at your eyes and vision so we can advise you on how to take care of this critical part of your health.


We are equipped with the latest testing technology and have an amazing team of optometrists to make sure you get the best eye care available in a way that works for you.


Like all health care, eye care is unique to each individual. This is why we use a personalised approach to make sure that all of our testing, products and vision solutions work for each of our patients. If you want to make the best decisions to improve your eye health, we stay up-to-date with the latest research so we can provide you with helpful tips and practices to support your personal eye care journey.

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Eye health is our top priority so we offer personalised examinations to assess your unique eye care needs.


All eye examinations include some questions about your medical history, a visual acuity test to assess how you see at different distances and a retinal exam, which is important for evaluating your ocular health.


Your optometrist will guide you through the tests and answer any questions you might have.



Part of ensuring our patients get to enjoy good eye health is using the latest technology.


As such, we are proud to offer Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) scans. OCT uses a special kind of light to create a cross-sectional image of the different layers in the back of the eye.


This means optometrists can look in more detail at your eye health, allowing them to diagnose more accurately conditions like diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration and glaucoma. The OCT scan is completely non-invasive and only takes a few minutes.


Schedule an appointment today if you think OCT is right for you.

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When it comes to glaucoma catching it early is vital to protecting your vision and eye health.


During our eye examination we use the latest technology and clinical expertise to look for signs of glaucoma so it can be diagnosed in the earliest stages.


With additional information about your medical status and family history, we can also assess your risk of developing glaucoma.

Glaucoma screening
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